9th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards Announced

The Guild of Music Supervisors recently announced their nominees for their 9th annual awards. Naturally, we’re particularly interested in the “Trailers & Promos” category. 

Listed separately from TV promos, first we there’s the short list for Best Supervision in a Film Trailer. Bobby Gumm of Trailer Park is listed first for his work on Godzilla: Kind the Monsters. As we noted previously on the blog, the epic trailerization of Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune comes off as viscerally evocative, showing the Godzilla mythos in from a sublimely beautiful, new vantage point. 

Elsewhere, mOcean’s Sanaz Lavaedian has been nominated for her work in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer campaign. Also nominated earlier for the Golden Trailer awards, the pinnacle of this decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is nigh-impossible to ignore, but the assiduous editing of the music in these trailers to closely match music and action is a feat worthy of praise regardless of franchise.

Macy Bulkeley and Stephanie Koury of Wild Card AV are nominated both for their work onDumbo and Widows, and Jordan Silverberg of Transit rounds out the list for his work on the first trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Not to be outdone, Best Music Supervision in a Television Promo gets its own list, with Bobby Gumm making another appearance, this time for Castle Rock. Interestingly, Brian Murphy of BOND receives two separate nods for Maniac’s Official Trailer and its Teaser, respectively. In a seemingly rare three-way collaboration, Dave Newman, Sabrina Del Priore, and Terry Minogue (Viacom) are recognized for their work on Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story. Finally, Michael Sherwood of Big Picture is noted for his work on Pine Gap.

Overall, the Guild has delivered another interesting list of high-budget, high-profile trailers and relatively lesser-known entities that commonly aspire to push the unique art of trailer music editing forward. All of the aforementioned pieces are certain worth a re-watch – and re-listen.

– Curtis Perry